Fresh business thinking and strategic marketing all sounds great. But how will it make your business easier and far more profitable?
Fresh business thinking area sales manager

The Good News is the overwhelming majority of professional businesses are almost there.
They have good products and services and serve their customers well.

The Not so Good News is they leave and entrust the most important part of their business to others; which is of course telling people about it.

The Fix is to take control; starting with some fresh business thinking with regards to advertising and marketing.

The Fundamental Rule is, People buy from People. If they know you and like you, you can sell them most anythingFresh business thinking and strategic marketing and advertising manager

When people are relaxing their minds are most open to suggestion and able to store and remember information.

So make sure you grab their attention during these special times by choosing the only advertising and marketing media that if it was not placed in front of them they would complain about it! "excuse me but can I have a beer mat here please".....!

The average Beermat is read 17 times during its lifetime. That's 17,000 views for every Thousand. Little wonder then that its second only to Television Advertising.

See what other businesses have to say about Advertising on our Beer Mats and fresh business thinking with strategic marketing.

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