Let's get straight to the point. It's your business and the level of its success; or failure depends entirely on you.... No one else, only You.

Your company and its offering must be better than your competition. You must advertise your business in the way that sets you apart from all others; ensuring your potential customers think only of you.

You have to become an instantly recognizable "household" name.

OK so at first glance obtaining these giddy heights sounds like a tall order; but it's a lot easier than you might think.

And when you get it right you'll be able to set a "reasonable" price for your products and services without the fear of losing business by not being the "cheapest".

Before you advertise your business the first thing to remember is that customers do not come to you from "all over" or from "everywhere".....

The fact is that a little over 60% of consumers to any business will only travel 3km, (that's under 2 miles). A further 20% are prepared to travel just 7km, (under 4.5 miles) and the remainder shop within walking distance of their home or work.

Armed with these facts the answer to how you become number 1 is clear.... You contact us to advertise YOUR Business in YOUR areas on one of the most powerful advertising media in the free World.

Vital information for deciding how to advertise your business.
The average Beer Mat is read 17 times during its lifetime.
That's 17,000 views for every thousand. Little wonder then that it's second only to television. And streets ahead of all the rest.

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