Augmented Reality media streaming bridges on-line off-line gaps

Augmented reality media streaming lets today's on the go consumer take control of how and when they make purchases, arrange a test drive, book a holiday, get their eyes tested, buy a house, book a flight or even make an appointment with a doctor. A feat on its own!
Augmented reality media marketing manager

The shift from the"walk in" store, to purchases made using Smart Phones and mobile devices is nothing less than phenomenal.
Ebay expects more than 30% of its Christmas sales will be purchased using mobile devices.

Retailers and the service industries recorded more than 65% of sales over the last 12 months came from smart phones and mobile devices. Augmented reality media streaming has become the way to buy goods and services at leisure....

Augumented reality scannable image
The addition of augmented reality media streamer to the most powerful off-line advertising in the free world is driving this media to even greater heights.
Look at this Beermat here It looks like a Beermat; it works like a Beer Mat. It even feels like a Beermat And that's because it's a 100% Genuine... Beermat.

Augmented reality media streaming beermats
However, when your consumers scan these Beer Mats with their smart phone it presents them with a host of choices.
They simply "tap" a button on their screen and it will take them wherever you'd like them to go.
And all this at their leisure; and from the comfort of their Local...

Now I ask you...... How Smart is that...?

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