The first thing to ask yourself when searching for the very best social media campaigns is: "How long can I afford to wait, before I see the results? And how long will it take before I start making sales"?

Campaign manager for best social media campaigns off lineWell if you're a social media guru and you're prepared to devote 4hr-5hr a day; every day... Then you *should* start seeing some results within the first 12 to 18 months or so.

However there is ONE social media that can bring instantaneous results and generate sales within Hours, or even in just a few Minutes...!

And the good news is we in the UK are the best in the World when it comes to this form of social media advertising and marketing campaigns

For over 100 Years Advertising on Beer Mats has proven to be the best and most cost effective way to promote products and services to a targeted area.

Statistics manager for beermats 4 business and the best social media campaignsBeermats advertising has been voted the best off-line social media for the last 6 years.

It is little wonder then that the "traditional Beermat" is regarded as being the best interactive social media ever produced.

And of course it's really easy to see why, for the much loved Beermat is an integral part of our social culture.

We fiddle with them, we flick them, we tap them on the tables and wrap them on the bars. We doodle on them, we write messages on them and there's nothing better to use when we want to emphasise a point!
And while we're doing all of this we're reading them over and over and over again. The average Beermat is read at least 17 times during its lifespan.
All the very Best Social Media Campaigns conducted within the UK have involved Beermats.
Beer Mats are the ONLY advertising media that if one was NOT placed in front we would complain about it.....

The Best Social Media Campaigns have always be conducted on Traditional Beermats...... For they are part of our social culture.....
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