Choosing a business stream gateway and interactive social media is key to continued success in these somewhat less than vibrant times.

It must now be obvious to everyone in business, that todays consumer demands instant access to products and services while they're relaxing.

The phenomenal growth of mobile internet usage and the staggering amount of sales of mobile devices tells us the story....
"27 Million iPhones were sold world wide in the third quarter of 2012".

Statistics show that consumers no longer thumb through newspapers or magazines; search directories or phone books to get what they want.
No today's consumer demands instant access at a time of their choosing.

Internet business stream gateway pages accessed via smart phones peaks between 07:00hr and 09:40 then again between 12:00 and 16:00 and once again between 17:20 and 20:45 Monday to Friday. Weekend useage is more or less constant throughout both days.
Demonstrating that these devices are being used to search the net and buy things during periods of relaxation.

Internet business stream gateway beermat embedded with augmented reality codeThis Beermat can be embedded with a Augmented Reality code; that when scanned with a smart phone or mobile device will reveal all and allow the user to book a Test Drive, arrange an Eye Test, buy a House, Rent a Car, book a Holiday, watch a video presentation or confirm a flight.

It is the perfect business stream gateway interactive social media

Beermats 4 Business are the perfect business stream gateway and interactive social media. See what others say about our BeerMats. Contact the business stream team, it's your gateway to success...


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