Ignite Your Social Media and watch Your Sales Figures Explode

That's great, but after you've lit the fuse on your ignite social media campaigns how long will you have to wait before you see the results?
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And the answer is, it will depend on the social media you choose....
And if it's... On-line, or Off-line.

If you choose an online social media it can take many months; or even a few Years to build a relationship of trust with a potential Consumer or Company that may be too distant to become a regular customer....  

So you really need to ask yourself. "How long Can I Afford to Wait"..?

Choose an off line social media and the response will be Instantaneous

I say the response "will be instantaneous", for there is only one truly interactive social media in the Free World and that's the much loved and constantly fiddled with Beermat.

We tap them on the tables and we wrap them on the bars. We flick them and we fiddle with them. And they're just perfect for when we want emphasise a point. And let's not forget the little messages and telephone numbers we scribble on them!

Of course while we're doing all this we're reading the beer mats over and over again. So it can come as no surprise then that the average Beermat is read at least 17 times each and every day of the week!

And all this takes place while we're relaxing amongst friends and family; and when our minds are most open to suggesting and able to store and remember information.
But just in case we forget we "pop" the Beermats in our pockets anyway..!

So if you need an instant response choose Beer Mats advertising to ignite social media campaigns for you.
But if you have time to spare and if you sell World wide then on-line social media could be good for you.

See what others say about advertising on Beer Mats. And how it's proven to ignite social media campaigns throughout the land.

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