The social media strategy you need for your business is not the ones that "Can" work .. But the ones that "Will" work.....
And the difference between "can" and "will" depends on "TIME"....
Off-line social media strategy campaign manager

And the question to ask yourself is:   HOW LONG HAVE I GOT........???

A social media strategy, centered around such as Twitter, Face Book, Linkedin or any of the others, needs a big commitment and a great deal of your time to see any results.

Please don't misunderstand us we're not saying online social media has no place in business promotion. Only that you must be prepared to dedicate 2-3 hours every day for at least six months before seeing any results and start making sales.

Companies that benefit from on-line social media strategy employ a highly dedicated full time staff to Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.
These companies can start to see some rewards in 6-9 months or so.
Sinclair Volkswagen social media strategy marketing on Beer Mats
The Volkswagen Group employ an extremely large team of dedicated professionals to do all of the above and more.

However their dealerships use a much more direct and a great deal faster route to advertising and marketing their products with the free worlds most powerful off-line social media.

 So if you can afford to be away from the sharp end of your business for some considerable time each and every day, then there are a whole host of social networking media available to try.
But if you need your social media strategy to work straight out of the box with little or no effort from you; then We Will Help You.
Beermats Advertising have been voted "The Best Off-Line Social Media Strategy" business generator for the last 6 Years.

See what others say about advertising on our Beer Mats. And why it's the Free Worlds most powerful off-line social media strategy.
An easy to use social media strategy that works straight away.


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