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We're not going to go into a load of boring jargon filled technical details about our strategic marketing product.
Suffice as to say that the Beer Mats we will be promoting your company on, will be the same exceptionally high quality demanded by our World Famous clients; including such names as Sir Elton John, Audi Cars and Dunnes International.

This high quality is extremely important; since the first contact your buyers will have with your company is when they see and pick up your Beermats. Which is of course your business card and its quality and clarity of print will speak volumes about your company.
Remember you don't get a second chance to create a first impression no matter how good your new strategic marketing ideas are; or how good your company is!


The SILVER package targets each venue individually so you can choose to target one venue in one area; or many different venues in different areas of the UK at no extra cost.
With this package all you need to do is tell us which venues you want to advertise your products in and we'll do everything else for you.
The cost of this package is £149.95 per 1,000 Beer Mats per host venue.


With one side of the Beer Mats printed for your company and the other for your selected host. Our GOLD package is the "Full Monty" directly linking your company to your potential client's favourite venue. You immediately become a sponsor, a partner a friend; with all the benefits this brings to your new strategic marketing ideas.
The cost of this package is £199.95 per 1,000 Beer Mats per host venue.

All prices include delivery and placement to any areas of the UK.
Full support and liaison with your selected "host" venues is also included, as well as bi-weekly feed-back report and regular updates.
All prices quoted are subject to vat at the current rate.

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